Please feel free to contact me at (610)283-0512 or with questions or comments about my work, purchasing inquiries or to make an arrangement to visit my studio. 

Being a studio artist/artisan I continue to enjoy the freedom to work in current inspiration.  I love designing and making utilitarian ware as much as purely sculptural pieces therefore each series is quite varied.  I solely design and create each piece from idea to finished object.  Each piece is authenticated with my logo or signature.  I have enjoyed working in a variety of clay types and firings.  The large vases from my “Earthen Vessel” are each thrown, trimmed and assembled, the pedestal texture is achieved with a handcarved wooden roller; then the hand-sculpted elements (birds, cherubs, flowers) are added, along with underglazes before the bisque-fire; I apply layered glazes by dipping, pouring and spraying and fire to cone six in the electric (oxidation) kiln. The goldleaf accents are applied after the gloss-firing.

For a more complete view of my art work thus far, please enjoy the video below where you will see quite a variety of clay types, construction techniques and firing procedures. I have included a glimpse of my marble and wood sculptures as well.


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