Artist’s Statement

Why does it look like that?  This is the simple and profound question that a viewer should ask when looking at any ceramic art object.  Aspects of the answer may be easily identified: type of clay, construction techniques, firing and decoration methods, which render the physical appearance of the tangible object.  However, the intangible qualities that convey vitality and communication, demand critical thinking and introspection on the part of the artist and the viewer. 

Inspired by classical design and the earthen/human vessel metaphor, each “bodily” aspect (lip, neck, shoulder, belly, foot) of my signature vase is articulated and in optimum proportion, with fit of surface (skin) and structural form (bones).  A sense of order, wholeness and beauty is evoked by the  harmonious relationship of the parts.  The vessel is complete in itself, yet it remains open and receptive.

My pottery studio is my sanctuary where I seek to honor my vocation.  I work chiefly in the medium of high-fired glazed stoneware applying wheelthrowing and handbuilding skills to one-of-a kind pieces.  I am a proponent of the tenet “form is meaning.”  I have been inspired by reflecting on ideas of the creative process as having three layers: the labor, the craft and the elevation.  I know that visual arts communicate broad human values and assist in knowing one’s self.  By working in synchrony of hand/head/heart/breath and spirit, I aspire to create pieces that help to center the viewer and invite aesthetic experience.


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