Hello and welcome to Mirthful Angel Pottery and Sculpture Studio located in Worcester, PA a suburb of Philadelphia.  My name is Marlene Serafine Gaudio.  In the journey of self-discovery, I am grateful to realize my vocation as a ceramic artist/artisan.  My signature vases are meant to exalt the art of the potter.  Serafine Gaudio translates from Italian: “mirthful angel,” thus the name of my studio.

My workshop is my creative sanctuary where a lump of clay is transformed into a beautiful ceramic object, utilitarian or sculptural.  I employ various handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques in order to lovingly create one-of-a kind ceramic vessels and sculptural objects.  I strive to express an aesthetic quality of form, incorporate complementary glazes and exercise qualitative craftsmanship.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pottery and sculpture as much as I enjoy making it!  You are welcome to visit the studio at my Bi-Annual Open House and Sale, the first weekends of May and December, and daily by appointment.

38 Responses to Welcome

  1. Roseann says:

    Eileen and I were gifted by our Lord, this morning! Meeting you and sharing fellowship was an awsome blessing!
    We will continue to pray for Darlene. May God bless you richly, and give you the desires of your heart!!! Love, your sister in Christ, Jesus, Roseann.

  2. Alana Gammercone says:


    your work is just amazing! truly beautiful! not only to you have amazing talent, but you are one of the most beautiful/amazing/soulful/sweetest person i EVER met. my major is not art, but the passion and happiness that shines through you when you talk makes me really think about my major. you seem so happy doing what your doing. i can only hope i feel the same way about my career one day. your are honestly the most genuine, caring teacher i have ever had. you really love teaching your students and care enough to really get to know them; i never had a teacher like you within my 4 years of college. thats pretty special. with out a doubt i will be filling all of my non-required classes with a class you teach. im thinking i can still have my profession and have a studio like you do on the side. my first to classes with you were kind of life changing! this is where you are meant to be, your pieces are beautiful and you make it look so easy! i will definitely be purchasing one of your pieces by the end of the semester. i want something in my house to remember you by forever! keep being the very special person you are, see you tomorrow in class!

  3. Brian Cooper says:

    Dear. Professor Gaudio,

    I apologize for being unable to make it to the art trail event. I hope your classes are going well! I have graduated and am taking some summer courses in Florida at the moment. I’m looking forward to finding a permanent house and setting up my own wheel and kiln. Leigh-Anne and I have completed our senior shows and are getting married on the 25th. I will be back in PA for a few days at that time. I hope all is well at Montco, I saw that there was a position for a adjunct-art faculty availible there.

    I’m getting ready to apply to a couple of job openings this week. Would you be willing to write a letter of recommendation for me? I understand if my time in your class was too brief or you have a heavy courseload. Would you still like to see pictures of my show?

    Brian Cooper

  4. Cathy says:

    Wow! Your work is truly amazing. I enjoyed meeting you tonight in class and look forward to spending the next six weeks learning from the best. You have a wonderful talent and the color coordination is simply beautiful.


  5. Can I simply say how refreshing it is to find somebody who actually is aware of what they are talking about on the internet. You definitely know the best way to explain a difficult craft and show its importantance. More people must find you and understand your work and story. I wish you luck because you definitely have the gift.

  6. Chintan Patel says:

    Marlene, really love all your work, everything looks really great. It shows that you really love what you do and i am excited to start creating some stuff in your class.

  7. juan pereira says:

    Prof. Marlene,
    Congratulations your website.the work you have on here is amazing,the vases themselves are really nice,i like the colors you chose for them,youre definitely a potter by heart!

  8. It’s refreshing to know that I have a teacher who is passionate about the subject of which she teaches. I think that makes teachers all the better when it comes to inspiring and passing on knowledge and wisdom to their pupils.

    Wonderful work, the studio and your earthen ware. I really do like the tall vases with the flowers and cherubs. Beautiful work! I can not wait to start on Thursday and really put my all into this class.

  9. Sabina Islam says:

    Dear Prof. Marlene,
    Congratulations your website.Your work is so beautiful. I like your vases. Its color and shape is amazing. I am really happy that I am in your class.

  10. Karrelle says:


    Your work is ravishing! I noticed how passionate you are about ceramics in genera; this will keep me inspired. I am really looking forward to your class. I’m positive that it will be enjoyable!


  11. Suzanna Van Schoonhoven Hunter says:

    I open Ceramics Monthly(for the 3rd time) looking at the Olympic Kiln add. Looking at the big blue vase- wait I know her. Very nice pots, kiln, studio. I am in upstate NY, nice to see a familiar face. While I wait for my first snow to melt I will explore your web site.

    • Hi, Suzanna, After so many years, It’s great to hear from you. I have fond memories of travelling together to the San Francisco NCECA, and raku at MCCC. Stop by my studio next time you’re in the Philly area. Marlene

  12. Michelle Quaresima says:

    In today’s world, a well organized, informative website is such an asset! You’ve done a great job showing your enthusiasm and skill toward your craft here! You have also shown the hard work you’re willing to put in to your work with determination! Congratulations on the design and opening of your own studio! It is obvious that you have a true talent at designing your pieces (and collection) from start to finish. The gallery section of this page also provides great detail in the pictures you chose to share with your internet viewing audience. The more detail people can see in the pictures the better!

  13. Jen Hartigan says:

    Hi Marlene,
    Your pieces are so beautiful! From the shapes to the colors to the details in your pieces, they are just amazing. And having thrown on the wheel for only one night, I am amazed that such things can be made with this technique, as it is not as easy as it looks:) You seem to be in a great place in your art and in your life! Congrats on the awesome website:)

  14. Bailey Rogers says:

    Hi hi,

    Your work is lovely and your enthusiasm is exciting! I can’t wait to get to class because the atmosphere Is exciting (and yet relaxing). ‘Throwing’ is pretty funny at the moment… Everything you’ve done captures a certain elegance and grace, and even when you demonstrate your production it seems so easy, but.. well, after making several deformed bowls and cups, all I have had to show at the end of the night is a rather crumpled hand.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to practicing a lot more, because I have a few friends who rave about the sublime power of throwing and I can’t wait to join them ;)

  15. Tonie says:

    Your pottery is just lovely. So intricate and detailed. It shows your love of ceramics.

  16. Olufunke Aiyedogbon says:

    Wonderful work of art you have Mrs Marlene. I am truly humbled by all of it. I feel blessed to be a student of yours and to be able to learn from you. You are truly inspirational. Continue to do what you do best.

    Kind thoughts,

    Olufunke Aiyedogbon (Olu).

    • Brian Cooper says:

      Hello Professor Gaudio!

      I sent you an email a few minutes ago (11:37 is to late to call). I hope your other classes are going as enjoyably as the one I participated in.

      -Brian Cooper

  17. Christine Reese says:

    Hello Prof Gaudio, your vases are just beautiful! Your pieces truly reflect your passion and love of the craft. Congratulations on opening your own studio!

  18. Anna Landis says:

    Beautiful work! I can’t wait to work with you this summer in your class! I love how you use a similar color palette in your work!

  19. Katie Houser says:

    I love the shapes of the vases; you definitely caught the Greek concept of the shape. The handles are beautiful on the pieces, flows right into the shoulders. The light blue in the pieces are very calm and relaxing. Beautiful work!

  20. Diana Weber says:

    Wow Marlene, those vases are so beautiful. How long did it take you to make all of them?

  21. Dee says:


    I ran across and purchased a little ruffled dish with gorgeous blue colors and almost an alligator pattern inside… The colors and transluscent glaze is masterful. The unglazed back has what appears to be a small smiling angel stamped on the back… Is this one of yours? I have pictures… But no email address for you?

    • Marlene Serafine Gaudio says:

      Dee, I do make three sizes of “ruffle” serving dishes with a lace texture and pedestal foot. They are white stoneware with sprayed glaze (chiefly blue tones) on the surface. I stamp my logo on the back…see upper right of this page. Your description certainly seems to match one of my pieces.

  22. To all of my friends: Thank-you for your loving support and appreciation of my sincere efforts to put forth inspired works of ceramic art.

  23. Chiara Sauter says:

    Aunt Mar,

    I so happy that you finally finished your website! Everything looks amazing!

    Now you can sit down and relax!!


  24. Annawyn says:

    Looks great! I was just speaking about you, your pottery & studio to my nieces over the weekend & the
    importance of a website. How ironic it was to open my
    e-mails & find yours. I’m so happy for you Marlene &
    can’t wait to visit again.

    I’ll be spreading the word….


  25. Piero Di Saverio says:

    un saluto da tutti noi. Complimenti per i tuoi capolavori in ceramica. Spero di venire presto in USA

    • Ciao, Piero, I have profoundly fond memories of travelling, studying, and living in Italy… especially the experience of having been a Resident Artist at the State School of Ceramics in Castelli. Please visit my new studio when you come to the USA.

  26. Nancy Croce says:

    Mar, what a wonderful webpage! I love what you have done with it. It truly captures you in your element. I hope to visit that first weekend of May. Congratulations on the successful launch of your long-awaited site…another professional dream-come-true.

    Love, Nancy

  27. Sister Maria DeMonte, OP says:

    Dear Marlene,
    Congratulations on the creation of your Mirthful Angel Potter Studio.
    The unique designs for each of your creation reveals a reflective mind with a spirit-filled heart.
    The pictures of your pottery are beautifully created. The color is soft and reveals a gentleness that comes from within.
    May our Lord bless your mind and hands as you touch the clay of God’s earth into an image of beauty that others may enjoy.
    Thank you sharing your ministry joy with me.

    Love and Blessings,
    Sister Maria DeMonte, OP

    • Dear Sister Maria, You were my beloved spiritual advisor at the Dominican Retreat House. You recognise that I am truly a potter; I realize that I have a responsibility to honor my gift. Your words are a prayer. Thank-You.

  28. Denise says:

    Wonderful !! Marlene,
    Good Luck with everything!
    Hope to see you soon.

  29. Hi, Katie, I value your professional e-tech feedback. Thanks

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